First, please register for an account on by going to the sign-up page and signing up for a trader account.

1. Once you have signed up for a trader account on Bitfinex, please login into your account.

2. Once you are logged in locate the gear icon in the upper-right of the page and click 

3. On the API Keys page click on the "Create New Key" drop-down arrow.

       a. Select all the check boxes as shown below to allow Coinigy to use your API to its highest potential.

       b. Click on "Generate API Key" 


            Note: Please activate Margin Trading "Read" and "Write" if you plan on adding this key for margin trading through Coinigy.

4. You have now succesfully created an API key for Coinigy. 

Now that your Bitfinex API Key has been generated you can now move onto adding API Keys to Coinigy.